NestQuest Builds is a fully licensed (#13VH09662700) and insured contractor founded on the principal of building value for our customers by instilling top quality craftsmanship and maintaining a reputation of getting the job done on time, and on budget in our quest to offer the best services available.

We serve individuals, investment and management companies, multi family developers, retail and office clients surviving by our reputation and provide the following guarantees to ensure we back that reputation up.

  • Commercial liability insurance policy per occurrence for property damage and bodily injury. Certificate of Insurance snapshot
  • 5 year warranty. If any of our work fails due to everyday use, we will come back and redo it for just the cost of material.*
  • Optional Contractor Surety Bond pays you if we fail to finish.
  • Our Extreme Transparency Guarantee as detailed below.

*Warranty does not include natural disaster, excessive use, human ruin, or manufacturer defect.

NestQuest created a way to effectively communicate with our clients to avoid issues that plague lessor firms with the Extreme Transparency Guarantee (ETG). ETG shows you where every penny is allocated to and utilizes our relationships to get clients the best prices. Additionally, we anticipate changes and work with our customers to ensure there is no miscommunication at any point in time. The entire process of each project is presented before we begin work, to ensure that we eliminate headaches, and delays, presenting you with milestone calendars, detailed payment schedules and even a bio of each worker on site.

About NestQuest Builds

NestQuest is a division of NestQuest Direct LLC, a residential real estate brokerage and property management company in New York and New Jersey that uses technology and experienced local agents to reach buyers and sellers online where they live.
We use our real estate knowledge and apply our exacting standards to form a team of ninjas that date back to 1971 when our founders Grandfather began building homes, expanding from New Jersey, to Florida and the Caribbean. 50 years later, the tradition of superior craftsmanship and transparency is the cornerstone of NestQuest.

Our Services

NestQuest is known for high quality construction and attention to detail. We specialize in multi family, commercial and residential new construction and interior renovations including:

Total Interior Refits
Retail and Restaurant build outs
Commercial and multi family drywall, tape and paint
Finished Basements
Commercial and Residential Kitchen Build & Remodel
Bathroom Remodel
Custom Closets

Property Management

NestQuest works with landlords and property management companies of all sizes to manage their maintenance, property and construction needs including:

Rental Refits
Patio & Walkways
Retaining Walls

You name it, we will get it done. Contact us today via live chat below, email: [email protected] or toll free at 866-535-0894 ext 716. Thank you and we look forward to exceeding your expectations!

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