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Let our local Agents find you the perfect home, and walk you through the entire closing process

NestQuest Direct’s full service agents harness technology to find you exactly what you’re looking for. We make the buying process simple and the closing process as stress free as possible. NestQuest has crunched the data and complied a this short (fun) survey for you. Using this survey, our proprietary processes go to work curating homes that perfectly match what you are looking for.

Buyer Services

NestQuest works with buyers to make the closing process as stress free as possible. Buying a property is a huge commitment so you want to make sure you are comfortable with every person involved in the process.  Due to our volume and our experience in the purchase and sale of real estate, we have established excellent relationships with closing professionals and can provide introductions to our network of Buyer’s services.  Not only do we vouch personally for their professionalism, we can offer the lowest rates for the services.

Title Services

Any buyer is going to need and want title insurance. Title insurance is exactly what it sounds like – it insures that you, as the Buyer, are being conveyed a clean title to your property when you purchase it from a Seller. This means that the title company runs a search on your property to ensure that there are no encumbrances on your property. Once the search is completed, the title company is comfortable offering insurance on clean title. This service goes hand in hand with your loan because a bank will require title insurance and in most instances, mortgage insurance as well. Just like title insurance, mortgage insurance is exactly what it sounds like – the insurer is insuring your ability to pay back your mortgage.

Loan Officer

Think of this person as the broker for your loan. Depending on the type of loan officer, they will service one or many lending institutions. It is good to develop a relationship with a loan officer early on so they can take a look at your financial documents. Once they review your financial documents, they will be able to give you a pre-approval which is more or less required when making an offer. A pre-approval letter is not a commitment to lend but it is a vote of confidence from the lending institution that they will be able to give you the loan for the requested amount. There’s still a long way to go until the actual loan commitment, but this is the first step.

Survey / Appraisal

Both of these items are related because they go towards establishing the value of your home. This is important because when a bank gives you a mortgage, they are using the home as collateral for your mortgage. A survey is an evaluation of the physical property and the boundaries. It will also evaluate whether there are any encroachments or any easements. An appraisal is a valuation of your home depending on a number of factors, including recent sales in your neighborhood.

Buyer’s Attorney

Your attorney will make sure that your contract is in order and negotiate all of the terms. He/She will also perform due diligence on the property before the contract execution. Having a good attorney is critical in navigating the waters towards your closing and will make sure everything runs smoothly on the actual day of, whether it’s the correct check amounts, correct names on documents and properly explaining all of the legal terms.

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Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement

Dual Agency

We work with sellers so they can keep their equity where it belongs, in their pockets. In order to do this more effectively, our listing agents can work directly with buyers as a dual agent. NestQuest will work with you providing the information, tools and closing services you need, to purchase your dream home.

By working directly with NestQuest, you make your offer more attractive to the seller, because they do not have to pay the additional buyer’s broker fee.

Dual agency means the buyer is represented by the same agency that has the listing. This can lead to a conflict of interest that best serves the agency. However, NestQuest Direct believes in extreme transparency, offering comparison shopping.

NestQuest’s comprehensive comparison tour brings comparison shopping to real estate. Simply view NestQuest’s listing and allow us to represent you if you choose to make an offer. This enables our seller to save a buyer broker fee, and makes your offer that much more attractive. In exchange, we will show you every other comparable listing in the area, to make sure your best interests are being represented. If you choose another listing that is not NestQuest’s, we will represent you in that transaction and get you the best price possible. If you choose NestQuest’s listing, and work with us as dual agency, we can work with the seller to consider a lower offer due to the money they would be saving by not paying a buyer’s broker commission. 

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Dual Agency Disclosure

Closing Process