Upcycle Living Rolls Out Affordable Shipping Container Housing

Upcycle Living Rolls Out Affordable Shipping Container Housing

Phoenix-based Upcycle Living is aiming to bring affordable shipping container housing to the masses with its modern cost-effective designs. Just las fall they installed a 2-bedroom house at a green street fair in Phoenix, and orders started rolling in. The designers and builders now expect that they can produce a similar modular model for less than $100,000.


The 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom model installed at the street fair measured 1,280 square feet and was built out of four 40-foot shipping containers. For the street fair the corrugated exterior was left as-is, so onlookers would be able to recognize it for what it was. Future models will be solar panel ready and include a shade screen to help the homes remain cool in the hot desert sun. Inside, the home features recycled hardware floors, bamboo cabinets and new Energy Star appliances. As the pictures show, it’s definitely roomey inside and plenty big enough for a small family.


Upcycle Living claims to be able to provide housing for at least 2/3 less than traditional stick-built homes. There are already orders for private homes, but Upcycle Living hopes to work towards building affordable housing on a larger scale and they are currently working on a development to provide housing for a Native American Tribe. Since the Haiti Earthquake they have also reached out to NGOs in hopes of helping provide temporary shelters, permanent residences, or even medical clinics. It’s refreshing to see a company out there building and proving that housing costs don’t have to be exorbitant.
via Inhabitat

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