Unique Listing: Your Own Private Scottish Island

Unique Listing: Your Own Private Scottish Island

Tropical beaches, palm trees and privacy are what most think when they hear private island. Well this private Scottish island can offer you privacy but not much in the way of tropical. However, the location and views more than make up for it.

Tanera Mor, as it’s known, is 1.5 miles off Scotland’s northwest coast and is the largest island in the idyllic Summer Isles archipelago.

Measuring roughly 1.2 miles wide, 1.6 miles long, and offering approximately seven miles of coastline. In addition to the land itself, you’ll get a number of small cottages and other buildings, all self-sufficient thanks to a generator-based power grid and a gravity-fed water system.

With your own postal service and BT phone/internet service, there’s little need to leave, yet the charming villages of the coast are within easy reach.

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