Tired of Stainless? Here’s 5 Cool Alternatives to Stainless Steel Appliances

Tired of Stainless? Here’s 5 Cool Alternatives to Stainless Steel Appliances

Is brown the new black? Is “colored” stainless steel a strong new contender? Here are five stainless steel alternatives. Check it:

1. “Colored” stainless

Samsung’s new black stainless steel suite—Photo via Samsung

Samsung, LG, and KitchenAid all very recently launched “black stainless” collections, which essentially offer the same ol’ stainless steel appliances with a smooth, black-hued coating. In a similar vein, Whirlpool has been working on a new kitchen suite featuring a “sunset bronze” look, though purchasing information has yet to be made available. Blue Star, which specializes in commercial-style appliances for residential use, has a “Precious Metals” collection that includes finishes like “Infused Copper”, “Statuary Bronze,” and “Enchanted Sand.”

The “Sunset Bronze” series from Whirlpool has yet to go on sale—Image via Whirlpool

2. Glossy Black, Brown, Slate

“Truffle brown” ovens from Miele—Photo via Miele

Major appliance-makers like Samsung, GE, and Miele all sell fridges and ranges in glossy black and white finishes. Miele even has it in a groovy “truffle brown.”

3. Matte Black or Slate

The Slate series from GE—Image via GE

Not a fan of gloss or shine? GE also offers a selection of its kitchen products in a matte slate finish. The aforementioned “Precious Metals” line from Blue Star also includes a matte black option.

4. Modern Color

A bright red range from Bertazzoni—Photo via Bertazzoni

Brands like Viking, Bertazzoni, and Blue Star offer commercial-style modern appliances in colors like red, blue, orange, and yellow (Blue Star actually offers ranges in 750+ different colors.) The Big Chill‘s “Pro” line delivers modern without the professional-grade look; the clean-lined fridges and ranges come in 12 colors, including green, cream, and cabernet.

5. Retro Color

The FAB32 ’50s retro fridge from Smeg will be new to the US in 2016—Photo via Planete-Deco

Colorful appliances with a groovy throwback look can be had with products from brands like Smeg, which offer fridges in dreamy pastel blue, green, pink, orange, and more, as well as The Big Chill, which sells retro fridges, stoves, and ovens in eight (also mostly pastel) shades.
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