The 17 States With the Most Bustling Tiny House Communities

The 17 States With the Most Bustling Tiny House Communities

There’s a reason tiny homes are sweeping the nation: Living in a small space allows you to cut back on clutter, energy consumption, and just general excess. Not to mention people who go tiny are more likely to actually own their homes (san mortgage, to boot) compared with those with average-size residences.

But even though this trend is growing steadily, the country as a whole ​is not ​moving in a smaller direction. In 2013 the average size of new homes that hit the market were 2,600-square-feet — which is an all-time high and a far stretch from the 100- to 400-square-foot averages of tiny alternatives.

So you can imagine people who are of the “less-square-footage-is-more” mindset sometimes feel alone. Enter: Micro communities, which are basically neighborhoods full of tiny homes for individuals who want to live near other like-minded people. They’re (not surprisingly) becoming more popular as the tiny house movement grows  — 30 new communities popped up in the country within the past year alone.

The real estate website took a deep dive into a bunch of other tiny house data, too. For instance, did you know that tiny homes are often more expensive per square foot than regular-sized homes? Read more about about the findings here.

Interested in testing out the tiny lifestyle without the commitment? A company named Getaway allows you to rent out tiny homes for $99 per night to see if you’re cut ot for living small. And since we’ve proven time and time again that small homes can be ​hugely​ stylish (har har), what are you waiting for?
via House Beautiful | Lead image: Tammy Strobel/Flickr

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