Summing Up Your Home Purchase Plan

Summing Up Your Home Purchase Plan

Historically, the financial sweet spot has been to purchase a home within 3-times your annual salary range. For example, if you gross $80,000 annually, you can comfortably afford a $240,000 home.

Guiding home affordability, besides the simple 3-times your salary financial rule, are mortgage calculators. There are some terrific calculators out there that factor in your down payment, home owners insurance, and property taxes, calculate your monthly payment and how much you will pay in interest over the span of the loan. The amortization charts are always scary to analyze, but paying off your mortgage early can alleviate some of that anguish by lowering your total interest payments. Just because you agreed to a 30-year mortgage doesn’t mean you can’t pay it off earlier.

Once you’ve worked the numbers out and have found a price you can comfortably afford, it’s time to get the rest of your ducks in a row. That means, making sure you have little or no consumer debt, your credit score is closer to stellar than subordinate, and you have saved a decent down payment (as close as possible to 20% or more.) Don’t forget that you’ll need some money for closing costs, so factor that into your savings as well. You might also want to factor in repairs and maintenance money as well. via

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