Stunning Barn Inspried Tiny Home Complete With Deck and Garage

Stunning Barn Inspried Tiny Home Complete With Deck and Garage

The Alpha Tiny Home has all the fittings of a cute country home tucked inside 240-square-foot of space — reclaimed barn wood, a farmhouse sink and private outdoor space among them.

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And it’s got a pretty small price tag to match: $95,000, as Curbed first reported.

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Built by the Nashville, Tenn.-based New Frontier Tiny Homes, this pad is set on a trailer and can travel anywhere you go. That’s a handy feature for sure, but even more prominent is its tempered glass garage door, which leads to a fold-down deck and awning for al-fresco hang time.

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Inside, the kitchen — even though smushed inside that cramped space — is well laid-out, with nice counter space and a good deal of storage. Surrounded by subway tiles, there’s also a decent-sized Whirlpool fridge, drawer dishwasher and an induction cooktop topped by a vent.

4371 W Old Hickory Blvd-print-102-148-031 Alpha Final-4200x3212-300dpi

Worried about cooking with no space to eat? The kitchen, raised on a platform, rests above a pull- and fold-out dining table that seats eight.

4371 W Old Hickory Blvd-print-103-124-032 Alpha Final-4200x2827-300dpi

When that’s not in use, two steps down from the kitchen lead to the windowed bathroom, which is separated by a sliding door. Subway tiles also surround its Jacuzzi tub, and just across from that stands a combo washer/dryer. In the middle, there’s a composting toilet. And when you want to catch some Z’s, the lofted bed located directly above is accessed by a sliding library-style ladder.

4371 W Old Hickory Blvd-print-112-141-041 Alpha Final-4200x2804-300dpi

It also can’t hurt to note that, during very hot days, the Alpha Tiny Home also comes with an air conditioner.

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4371 W Old Hickory Blvd-print-117-139-046 Alpha Final-3667x4200-300dpi

4371 W Old Hickory Blvd-print-119-151-048 Alpha Final-3120x4200-300dpi

4371 W Old Hickory Blvd-print-121-166-050 Alpha Final-2948x4200-300dpi

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via NYPost | Images: Studio Buell Photography

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