Nap Under Your Desk Like A Pro With The Under Desk Hammock

Nap Under Your Desk Like A Pro With The Under Desk Hammock

Anyone who says they basically live at the office now has an excuse to make that a reality.

While taking a quick snooze under one’s desk used to mean laying on the floor in the fetal position hoping nobody finds you, one design student has changed the game.

Aqil Raharjo is a second-year design student at the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto, Canada. He is also the creator of Schnap — “a nap in a snap” — which is a comfortable hammock that can be hung under a table or desk.


“The inspiration came from most of the design students in my university,” Aqil told Mashable in an email. “To some extent, I could say that I’m an ambitious person and I need full concentration and focus to work on my projects. One of the ways to focus and not procrastinate is to work at school. My university is open for 24 hours in the winter semester, and I met a lot of friends that stayed overnight to work on their projects.”

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via Mashable | Lead image: Aqil Anindhityo

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