Luxury Real Estate’s New Look: It’s All About The Walls

Luxury Real Estate’s New Look: It’s All About The Walls

The new rule in this art-loving world can be summed up this way: more walls, fewer windows.

The plentiful numbers of blank walls are tagged as art walls.

These are walls large enough and with high ceilings that can accommodate the large paintings of modern art, and art from other periods.

It also allows for a visually prominent display with appropriate lighting.

Every grand room now needs at least 1 art wall, architects are inverting the rule that new New York buildings should emphasize light to the exclusion of everything else, thus providing spaces to hang art.

Increasingly, interior walls are not only more plentiful; they are designed much like those of a museum or gallery. Luxury buyers are becoming very artcentric and luxury carcentric.

These apartments act as interior galleries, safe from the sun and with molding that acts as a picture rail. They also feature custom glass with a built-in UV screen that filters out a large percentage of rays, not to protect skin, but to safeguard any art on display inside.

For the same reason, humidifiers are a new amenity added as an art-friendly touch, commercial-grade humidity systems provide a constant moisture point can easily be maintained around fragile artwork in any of the homes. And, instead of using basic plaster to finish interiors, developers now offers drywall reinforced by eco-friendly engineered plywood, the same system used at most galleries, since it’s stronger and requires less maintenance when hanging art.

This emphasis on designing homes and buildings as art friendly is a real manifestation of the close relationship between art collecting and real estate.

There is also the element of smart marketing.

Art world affiliation offers built-in cachet, 10 yrs ago the entry point for luxury in NYC was $1,200 sqf and has risen to $3,000.

Perhaps the most compelling factor behind this trend, though, is that many major developers are also powerful art collectors themselves. Read more > > >
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