Here Are The Cheapest And Most Expensive Neighborhoods For NYC Renters

Here Are The Cheapest And Most Expensive Neighborhoods For NYC Renters

Rising rents continue to plague New Yorkers—record highs were reached yet again in July—and Zumper has helpfully visualized our misery in two handy maps. The maps show the median price of a one-bedroom rental in neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as a few Queens neighborhoods. The data is culled from July listings, and the priciest areas are no surprise: Nomad at $4,630*, Flatiron District at $4,300*, Chelsea at $4,120, and Tribeca at $4,100. In Brooklyn, Vinegar Hill took the top spot with a median rent of $3,880.

The cheapest neighborhoods are farther into Brooklyn and Queens. One-bedrooms cost just $1,395/month in East Flatbush, $1,475 in Flatlands, and $1,500 in Maspeth. But hotter Brooklyn areas saw some of the biggest increases over the last year. In Crown Heights, rents are up a whopping 11 percent, and they jumped 8 percent in Greenpoint. Good luck out there, renters. But hey, at least New York is still cheaper than San Francisco.



*Nomad and Flatiron are not pictured on the map because, per Zumper’s Devin O’Brien, “Our report breaks down the data into the most granular level we have (neighborhoods), but we’ve tended to aggregate, or just include larger areas for the sake of readability on our maps. So in this case, those two areas would be located within Gramercy Park.”
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