Hang Out In This Hotel That Dangles 400 Feet Off The Side Of A Mountain

Hang Out In This Hotel That Dangles 400 Feet Off The Side Of A Mountain

Go ahead, check-in to your hotel while strapping into a safety harness and ascending 400-feet using a series of ladders and cables to your see-through room that dangles off the side of a mountain.

The hotel, appropriately named the Skylodge Adventure Suites is located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru, and consists of three separate but not very private luxury capsules.

The hotel, which opened in June of 2013, claims to be the “first ever hanging lodge in the world.” The 24-by-8-foot enclosures are made up of aerospace aluminum and weather resistant polycarbonate, and each contain four beds, a dining area and bathroom, and can accommodate a total of 8 people.

Dinner, wine and breakfast are provided, which you can eat on your private dining area that rests above your pod. The entire experience costs about $300-per-person. The price includes descending from your hotel room via zip line, which may be the ultimate way to exit any vacation.

Although the bathroom lacks a shower and is separated from the rest of the enclosure, it doesn’t look very private. But it must be pretty easy to forget about the privacy with a view like that.

The rooms are also equipped with four interior lamps as well as a reading lamp provided by solar panels and a battery, but that seems to be the extent of its electricity. We’re pretty sure you won’t mind having a dead phone at this hotel.
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