Google’s Online Tool Will Tell You If You Should Get Solar Panels

Google’s Online Tool Will Tell You If You Should Get Solar Panels

In recent years, solar panel prices have gone down dramatically. As a result, more and more people are are choosing to add them to their roofs. However, the cost in getting an appraisal can be a turn off to many homeowners, especially if it turns out solar panels are not a good idea for their home. That’s where Google’s Project Sunroof comes in.

Project Sunroof is an online tool created by Google to help people figure out whether or not they should invest in solar panels for their homes. The program uses the preexisting Google Earth information to analyze a number of characteristics of a specific area and and gives users a good idea of how effective solar panels would be on their roof.

The powerful tool takes into account things like shade, roof orientation, historical weather patterns of the area, and all possible annual sun positions to provide users with an analysis of the practicality of going through with adding solar panels.

Once given the information, users are then able to get in touch with solar paneling companies recommended by Google.

While the program is only available in 42 US states, Google hopes to expand into the remaining states in the near future and into other countries in the coming years.
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