Good Advice: Finding and Designing Your Dream Home

Good Advice: Finding and Designing Your Dream Home

John Colaneri and Anthony Carrino of HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins joined #ModernMonday this week to discuss the search for the perfect dream home. Check out a few of our favorite responses, and use the hashtag #ModernMonday to join the conversation next week at 1pm EST / 10am PST.

Modern Brooklyn renovation street facade

What are the key architectural features to look for in a dream home to ensure it’s a good long term investment?

@YLiving: Make sure your future home has some good bones. A little DIY can fix it up with your personal style.

@CarrinoAnthony: Seeing as everyone has a different dream, just make sure your structural elements are in good shape: foundation & roof.

@livingwhit: Outdoor space and room to grow. If you can’t entertain and relax, it’s a house not a dream home!
Photo by Michael Graydon and Nikole Herriott

Kitchen with custom oak cabinetry in Calgary residence designed by DOODL.

When designing rooms in your house, like the kitchen, what should you keep in mind to make sure you’ll love it for years?

@ZacharyEdelson: Always understand how every room fits into daily life; awkwardly placed rooms can become deadzones or fall into disuse.

@thisisheatherc: Design over time. Let your style evolve within the context of the space.

@sothebysrealty: Timeless & classic designs are always in style. The kitchen is also a great place to express your personal style!
Photo by Rob Moroto

White living room with pops of color

From location to color to layout, what are your favorite trends in home design right now? Which do you think will last?

@LetUsSuppose: Large open spaces are here to stay. Closed-off rooms are limiting and claustrophobic.

@CreativeWoodCW: Open layouts, lots of natural light, green materials, and smart integration of technology.

@ColaneriJohn: We love designing with colorful appliances and of course the open floor plan!
Photo by Nienke Klunder

hudson river valley renovation

Is it easier to build from the ground-up or reimagine a classic?

@chazthoward: Why not both? Renovate a classic while also building something new. Another wing, a few extra rooms, etc.

@ColaneriJohn: The beauty of restoration is that you have incredible history in your home that is so hard to recreate.

@DektonUSA: Easier to build from scratch, but what a reward to breath new life into something old and beautiful!
Photo by Jon Snyder

Phoenix small apartment with curtains as room dividers

When designing a home to last a lifetime, what material and environmental considerations are important to keep in mind?

@aileenkwun: For landscaping and gardening, choose plants that are native to your region.

@CarrinoAnthony: Do research & consult with pros. Doing it right the first time is always cheaper than doing it twice. Don’t skimp on quality.
Courtesy of Winquist Photography
via Dwell | Lead image: Courtesy of Matthew Millman

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