FSBO vs Real Estate Agent

FSBO vs Real Estate Agent

Advantage FSBO: saving the hefty 6% fee.

Disadvantage FSBO: TIME. Now-a-days, you must be an expert with technology and social media to effectively market your home, as well as have more traditional marketing prowess. Not to mention setting up inspections, negotiations, managing phone calls, qualifying buyers, interviewing attorneys, the list goes on.

Advantage Real Estate Agent: Let a local, expert agent handle the entire process for you and get more money for your home by leveraging negotiation, local knowledge, technology, marketing tools, and qualifying buyers.

Disadvantage Real Estate Agent: 6% commission.

Advantage: NestQuest Direct – Now you can take the best parts of FSBO and a real estate agent with NestQuest Direct’s flat fee packages. Let NestQuest Direct do all the work and get a local, knowledgeable sales agent on your side, without paying any commission! NestQuest Direct is your 0% commission broker turbocharging home sales with technology.

With a sleek website, great photography, local data and harnessing the power of technology to build a lifestyle around your home, NestQuest Direct maximizes value while managing the whole process for you, as it can be emotional for sellers.

NestQuest Direct saves time and money by pre-qualifying all serious buyers, instead of showing your home to anyone who is bored on a weekend. This saves us from a deal breakdown at contract time.
Leverage technology and the expertise of a local agent with the resources of a large agency, while saving thousands. Choose your package today!

And if you’re still sold on the idea of FSBO over a real estate agent, then NestQuest Direct can help you with our basic package.

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