Design Tips: Three Full Proof Interior Design Practices

Design Tips: Three Full Proof Interior Design Practices

From contemporary to classic, three design looks broken down:

Above: The Illusionist

Being an illusionist is all about decorating to trick the eye, and by playing with shape, scale and texture you can create the feeling of space and warmth. Slimline furniture, such as this low, armless sofa works to enhance a sense of openness, and an oversized artwork for height. A floor mirror reflects natural light, while faux-brick wallpaper – another stylish illusion – reinforces a spacious loft vibe.

The Narrator

The narrator likes to tell a story with found objects, vintage furniture and handmade pieces, and the perfect backdrop to display these items is a rustic, moody interior – think grainy timber, worn surfaces and hardwearing materials such as canvas or leather. Objects are corralled in sweet vignettes or displayed under glass cloches so they can be moved around at a whim.


The Organiser

Organised interiors don’t have to mean clinical and uninspiring. Take this space for example – it’s fresh, calming and inviting. The organised decorator is best suited to classic or Scandinavian-style spaces where furniture and accessories are kept to a minimum. Here, interest is added through subtle details such as the parquetry patterned bedhead, mixed linens and shapely vessels.


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