Cool Design: 10 Awesome Homes Converted From Unexpected Structures

Cool Design: 10 Awesome Homes Converted From Unexpected Structures

As we’ve seen many times, old barns and churches, with their soaring ceilings just begging to be turned into hip loft residences, are prime for spectacular conversions. But of course, those are far from the only structures that can be reused marvelously. These 10 examples—an assortment of very odd water towers, architectural remnants of bygone wars, and even a Le Corbusier boiler room—show that kookier spaces can transform into highly livable dwellings, too.

Above and below — Railway station turned two-bedroom home in Bredenbury, England. (Photos via Rightmove)

Old dry-cleaning shop turned home-studio for a young family in Barcelona, Spain. (Photos by Enric Fabre via ArchDaily)

Historic Victorian water tower turned three-bedroom home with oak spiral staircase in Hertford, England. (Photos via Hetheringtons]

Le Corbusier-designed boiler room turned grungy-cool pad in Briey-en-Forêt, France. (Photos via Patrice-Besse)

Pair of 1930s water towers turned airy luxury residence in Norton, England. (Photos via Wowhaus)

Abandoned train depot turned rural retreat in Stanfordville, New York. (Photos via Trulia)

Secret cold war bunker turned mansion with a glass atrium in London, England. (Photos via JDM Estate Agents]

Six-story water tower turned ultra-modern residence in Steenokkerzeel, Belgium. (Photos via My Modern Met)

Old sewer pipes turned pay-as-you-wish hotel in Ottensheim, Austria and Essen, Germany. (Photos by Dietmar Tollerian via dasparkhotel/Facebook)

World War II radar station turned four-bedroom contemporary home in North Berwick, Scotland. (Photos via Wowhaus)

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