Simple Living: Contemporary Minimal Huts Starting at Just $25,000

Simple Living: Contemporary Minimal Huts Starting at Just $25,000

Japanese retailer MUJI is well known for their beautifully minimal household and consumer goods. Now, they’re expanding, moving beyond products for your home to building shelters that you can inhabit. Called MUJI HUT, it’s a concept that provides a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. It offers a chance for self-reflection, the opportunity to read a book, and an excuse to enjoy the sounds of nature.

To make this idea a reality, MUJI teamed up with three designers—Naoto Fukaswaka, Jasper Morrison, and Konstantin Grcic—who each produced their own version of a hut. Known as Wooden Hut, Cork Hut, and Aluminum Hut, respectively, they have their own distinct features. The Wooden Hut has a loft space for sleeping, while the others are a single level, dividing the open area into living, eating, and working spaces. Each clean, modern unit can be easily and cheaply installed anywhere in the vast outdoors.

The three dwellings were recently unveiled during Tokyo Design Week. Fukasawa’s Wooden Hut will first hit the market in 2017, and the other two will follow. They are estimated to sell for $25,000 to $40,000, not including the cost of land.

Wood Hut by Naoto Fukasawa

Aluminum Hut by Konstantin Grcic

Cork Hut by Jasper Morrison

via MyModernMet | MUJI HUT: Website

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