Attract Quality Tenants and Save Money With These Rental Tips For Landlords

Attract Quality Tenants and Save Money With These Rental Tips For Landlords

Securing a great tenant and rental return depends greatly on how well maintained your property is.

Quality fixtures, a clean presentation, and a welcome environment will serve as a great way to guarantee the best possible rent and therefore attract good tenants.

But of course it can be time consuming and expensive to update and maintain your property to these standards. Finding the right balance between short term costs, and long term gains is key. This is where NestQuest PROprietor‘s come in handy. Using a flat rate model they are renowned for, of $99 per month, per unit, NestQuest will handle all aspects of property management. From securing the best tenants, to maximizing landlord returns, project management, rent collection, eviction and more, saving landlords valuable time and money, so they can focus on what matters.

The following are some helpful tips for landlords to cost effectively spruce up their property for best returns.


Flooring is important for making smaller spaces look larger, and will set the tone for cleanliness. Using the same material throughout can serve a couple functions such as easy replacement as well as bulk discount when purchasing. Staying away from light colors and sourcing a durable stain resistant carpet can go a long way. But don’t forget about what goes under the carpet. The padding also prolongs the life of the flooring. It is also smart to buy large amounts and store so you can easily patch bad areas, again taking advantage of bulk discounts.


Durable, darker tile, matching materials from the kitchen when possible is attractive. As is strong water pressure and a larger hot water heater. Tenants appreciate the sense of design and a good shower. Additionally, quality fixtures are advisable which will save you money in repairs in the long run.


Kitchen and baths should match when possible with materials such as tiles to not only present a uniform style throughout the property, but also be readily available for replacing. Modern, clean and quality surfaces serve to protect your investment and clean up well in turnover. Stick to basic colors that can again be easily replaced.


Neutral colors go a long way to appealing to more tenants. And quality paints will last longer leading you to paint less frequently. And don’t forget doorstops, an important accessory to protect walls.


If yard is a factor, then materials like paving stones, mulch and easy to maintain plants are key. Doing away with grass where possible, lowers your costs such as lawn care and water. But curb appeal is important to getting top dollar, so it is advisable you put some thought into this while keeping in mind maintance costs over the long run.

Contact a NestQuest PROprietor today and let them get you top dollar and handle every aspect for you so you can get back to what matters. All for $99 a month!

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