5 Creative Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

5 Creative Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Space is at a premium in New York. But with a little creativity, one can find some cool ways to store there stuff that looks good.

Above: Fold-Up Shipping Pallet Desk

Desks can be a great place to stash papers and documents, but they take up a lot of space. Not so with this clever desk made out of old shipping pallets. Not only does the surface fold up and out of the way when you’re not using it, the backboard can be used to hang and organize all of your papers and notes. See the tutorial here.

Wall-to-Wall Storage Bench

We nearly swooned when we saw the amount of stowage supplied by this wall-to-wall storage bench at the Fifth Avenue home of Kate and Daniel Wadia last year. This one is a lovely custom built-in, but the same concept can be achieved using inexpensive or repurposed materials to create the base boxes and then popping some pillows on top for comfy seating.

Shipping Pallet Counter

Ah, the humble shipping pallet – is there nothing it can’t do? The only thing we don’t like about it is the amount of work that sometimes must be performed to transform it into something else but that’s not the case with this elegant solution seen at Remodelista. The owners of the Olabisi wine tasting room needed more storage, so they created this functional counter/shelf/island by stacking some shipping pallets and inserting baking sheets into each one. The same idea could be applied to make a coffee table or even a bench.

Hidden Staircase Drawers

The owners of this 425 sq. st. NYC apartment loved their high ceilings but not their limited floorplan. Luckily, Specht Harpman Architects intervened and turned the space into a multi-level loft with tons of functionality. Our favorite part? The staircase hides a whole wall of storage!

Picture Rail Shoe Rack

If your shoes are as much of a pain to store as they are a joy to look at, why not treat them like the art that they are? Instead of keeping them stacked in boxes (which just take up even more room in your closet), this tip from Martha Stewart suggests using inexpensive picture rail molding to create vertical storage that is just as pretty as it is practical.
h/t Inhabitat

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