5 Cool Etsy Stores To Check Out For Home Goods

5 Cool Etsy Stores To Check Out For Home Goods

From ceramics made in Los Angeles to textiles made in Portugal and back again, here are 5 stores that will have your home stocked with handmade design goodness.

1.RUG by GUR


Okay, it’s not the most lyrical name for a online shop but hear us out. Based in Porto, Portugal, and run by Celia Esteves, a graphic and—you guessed it—textile designer, the store offers gorgeous, reasonably priced rugs that can double as gorgeous wall hangings. What’s not to like?


Photo via Quinn CASA.

This Brooklyn, New York-based biz resells vintage finds rescued by the shop owner, Shane Quinn. On offer now? Midcentury gems of all sorts, including mirrors, dinnerware, headboards, side tables, dressers, and a desk or two. Check it out.

3.Pots by Nives

Photo via Pots by Nives.

We love good ceramics. These pots, bowls, trays, and magnets—from Slovenian shop Pots by Nives—have a funky ’60s/’70s vibe that we dig without being too referential.

4.Como Metalworks

Photo via Como Metalworks.

Until the day we can buy our own Alexander Calder mobile, these Calder-inspired mobiles will definitely do the trick. Recently, one of our fave L.A. interior designers and authors, Justina Blakeney, partnered with the folks at Columbia, Missouri-based Como Metalworks on a “Jungalow” series of mobiles with silhouetted botanicals. It’s available in black-painted stainless steel, and others come in brass, white metal, and more.

5.Flint Alley Furniture

This is a bit of a bonus + insider’s tip: Flint Alley Furniture has been on hiatus for a while, but the Pennsylvania-based store is set to make its triumphant return this weekend, February 20th. They don’t have any of their typical goods—gorgeous handmade desks and other furnishings—listed, but take our word for it and watch that space.
via Curbed | Lead Photo via RUG by GUR.

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