5 Awesome Prefab Homes You Can Order Now

5 Awesome Prefab Homes You Can Order Now

Today, architects and designers continue to explore how pre fab construction can create affordable, eco-friendly, and stylish housing. Along the way, some of them have started producing prefab designs that are easy for anyone to configure, customize, and call their own. Without further ado, here are five of the most prefabulous homes you can claim for yourself right now. They come in all shapes and sizes—some more expensive than others—but all show just how sophisticated the prefab house has become.

The estimated costs listed below are base prices for the primary structure, and do not include fees associated with land, site preparation, shipping, and other miscellaneous expenses that may be involved in bringing the project to fruition.

Name: Pre-fabricated Accessible Technology Home (P.A.T.H.) by Philippe Starck
Size: 1,500 to 3,800 square feet
Cost: $300 to $540 per square foot (~$450K to $2.1M)
Key features: Customizable façades, roof types, finishes, fixtures, lighting options; can integrate photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, rainwater collection, and heat pumps. [Full story]

Name: DublDom by BIO-Architects
Size: 280 to 860 square feet
Cost: $13,200 to $41,600
Key features: Wood frame construction, open terrace, double glazing

Name: HOMB by Method Homes
Size: 900 to 3,100 square feet
Cost: $136 to $194 per square foot (~$122K to $600K)
Key features: 100-square-foot triangular modules that can be configured and expanded upon, cedar finishes on the exterior, minimal or wood finishes on the interior

Name: The Breezehouse by Blu Homes
Size: 2,978 to 3,655 square feet
Cost: base price is around $500K depending on state
Key features: expansive sliding glass walls, decks and patios, soaring ceilings, customizable finishes, fixtures, and appliances

Name: Vipp Shelter by Vipp
Size: 592 square feet
Cost: $585K
Key features: the same steel processing seen in the brand’s pricey trash cans; it’s “plug and play,” comes furnished with Vipp-designed furniture, lighting, tableware, towels, ceramics, shelves, lamp, soap dispenser, etc. [Full story]
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