4 Tips to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

4 Tips to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

During the last few years we’ve seen a great influx of young people in central city neighborhoods. Newly gentrified areas offer a vibrant cultural scene, including food shops, small shops and miles of cycle paths; who wouldn’t want to live in a neighborhood like that?

Only problem with settling in these areas is the high price of real estate. That’s why young people are forced to rent or mortgage such small apartments. Since it’s not that easy to get used to living in such a tiny space, in this article we’re going to offer some useful tips for making your apartment feel bigger and more functional.

1. Light Colors
All decorators agree that lighter interior colors make it feel more spacious. This is similar to fashion, where black makes people slimmer, which is great, but when it comes to small apartment renovation, we are looking for an opposite effect. Redoing the floor in lighter colors is the most effective way, and it will make the same effect as if you added up some extra space to your flat.

Changing floor colors might be pricey, especially for people who are renting. In this case, a light-colored area rug is a great substitute, with almost the same effect. Lighter furniture pieces and drapes can also be very useful.

2. Double Duty Furniture
Double duty furniture pieces are primarily made for small apartments. A working desk that turns into a dining room table can save a lot of space, and the same goes for folding beds and the ones that double as an extra storage space. You can find plenty of interesting ideas for doubling furniture online, and sometimes the best solution is to have them custom made.

3. Walls and Ceiling
Light colored walls have the same effect on apartment’s space as the light colored floors. Another trick you can use is to paint the ceiling in the same color as the walls, with a foot-wide strip, taped on the ends where ceiling meets the walls. This way you’ll create an illusion that your ceiling is higher, because the extra border will draw eyes on to it.

4. Vertical Storage Areas
When viewing small apartment renovating ideas on Pinterest you can see that most people decide to make vertical storages. This is the best way to save space and to store everything from bike to books and jewelry. Hooks are great for small apartments and they can help with storing big items like bicycles or pots and pans in the kitchen. By using hooks and vertical storages you will create lots of free space on the floors, and this way is much easier for locating stored items since they will all be at eye level.

With lots of young people going through the same problem of getting used to living in tiny apartments, tips like these, which come directly from the top interior decorators, are essential for them to make their new homes more comfortable. That’s why if your friends also have the same problem, share this article on Facebook and other social networks and help them adjust their home to their needs. They will surely be grateful.
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