13 Perfect Design Ideas For Your Small Bathroom

13 Perfect Design Ideas For Your Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms have a charm that no other room can have with such little space. They are cozy and create the feeling that you are in your own private world. While smaller spaces seem like they are difficult to design in a functional and stylish space, bathrooms are simple to work around. So don’t let your small bathroom be the cause of all problems, here are a few beautiful and creative ideas to take your small space and make it into your own private sanctuary.

1. Creative use of tile

Eclectic Bathroom by Taller Estilo Arquitectura
Taller Estilo Arquitetura

Tile is a great way to really brighten up a space and make it seem larger than it is. Choose a creative or funky tile to make a beautiful mosaic pattern or design for a burst of color and creativity in this small space.

2. An accent wall

Modern Bathroom by Taller Estilo Arquitectura
Taller Estilo Arquitetura

An accent wall will make the bathroom look bigger by naturally drawing your attention to this area. Achieve this look with wood, stone or even a simple coat of paint to highlight your chosen wall.

3. Use the nooks and crannies

Modern Bathroom by Quinto Distrito Arquitectura
Quinto Distrito Arquitetura

Make use of the awkward construction by adding creative features, like a sink and vanity that are at the same angle of the wall. Have fun with different materials and styles to slide out of an awkward situation.

4. Texture adds dimension

Minimalist Bathroom by arketipo-taller de arquitectura
Arketipo Taller de Arquitetura

Using different textures and materials will add more dimension to the bathroom making it look larger. Use wallpaper, stone tiles, and even wood to achieve an eclectic mix of materials and create a very unique bathroom. For example, this bathroom uses a mix of wood, glass, stone, and tile to enhance this bathroom.

5. A wooden paradise

Minimalist Bathroom by Angelina Alekseeva
Angelina Alekseeva

Wood is a great material to use in a bathroom, though many people shy away from it. It creates a cozy feel and pairs wonderfully with white features, giving the bathroom a cozy, cottage vibe. Use the same type of wood for the main features, such as floor, vanity, and shelf to have a cohesive flow in the space.

6. White on white

Modern Bathroom by TW/A Architectural Group
TW/A Architectural Group

White is a great color for a bathroom and will make it feel much larger than it is. Painting the walls white or covering them in subway tiles will expand the space visually. Feel free to mix different materials, as well, that follow the same color scheme, such as marble which plays off the white while giving the room texture.

7. Wallpaper is back in

21st CenturyTraditional: Classic Bathroom by Andrea Schumacher Interiors
Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Wallpaper has come a long way in the last few years and is a great way to achieve a detailed look in any room. Choose a fun wallpaper to cover your whole bathroom and pair it with a unique fixture to make your bathroom stand out from the rest.

8. Light the way

Salt + Pepper House: Modern Bathroom by KUBE Architecture
KUBE Architecture

Lighting is a great way to brighten and accentuate any space. Use creative lighting in the bathroom to give your small space a larger feel. Think outside the box, as well, by using LEDs to light the spaces under the sink, tub, or even behind the mirror.

9. Minimalism is key

Modern Bathroom by ClickHouse

Minimalism is the perfect way to increase the space in your bathroom. Adding features that don’t have any exposed parts will give the illusion of more space, for example a sink with no piping shown. Transparent glass showers are also a great way to make a bathroom seem larger and mirrors with built in lighting reduces the space needed for lighting.

10. Create space

Rustic Bathroom by Och_Ach_Concept

If you don’t have space, make it! Give the space more storage with vanities, shelves and cabinets to make sure you can store all of the essentials. Choose one material, such as wood, to build so that the space looks cohesive and not cluttered.

11. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Eclectic Bathroom by Plastudio

Mirrors instantly gives the appearance of a larger space, so what better place to add a large mirror than the bathroom! Line a long wall above your sink and toilet with a frameless mirror and add a creative tile or wood beneath for a beautiful look. Add lighting on the mirror to reduce clutter and to light up the space.

12. A splash of color

Modern Bathroom by Semerene - Arquitetura Interior
Semerene Arquitetura Interior

Having a focal piece in your small bathroom will create the illusion that it is bigger. Choose one bright color for a feature piece, such as a toilet or vanity, and keep the color of the rest of the bathroom uniform, white is great in this case!

13. Let the light in


Natural light is the best way to make a space seem more open. This can be done in the form of windows or skylights added to your bathroom and will create an airy feel.
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