I booked a reservation at Catskills location for the competition (the only competition – they currently have 2 locations in Catskill NY and Roscoe NY). It was 9 days before the nearest available date which was 11/9/20. The cost was $329 per night for a total cost of $355.32 with taxes. Roscoe was booked until January. This location, Catskill, is a much larger property than their Roscoe location on 25 acres with 51 units but was still 9 days out for booking. They sent an email confirmation and text upon booking and alerted me they would not send the address until the day before. They did so the day before with the address and a list of suggestions of what to pack (obvious). Everything is included (silverware, towels, dishes, sheets) except firewood – available at $15 per bundle in addition. The morning of reservation, they texted actual cabin number (42), cabin name (Geraldine) and door code to unlock the door (last 4 of my mobile number) with a map of property stressing to save these details in your phone in case you do not have service on property. It was a strict 3Pm check in time. No exceptions. Once arrived at 3 PM there was a flood of cars entering – no check in – you go straight to your tiny home and use door code to access. No staff. Observed 31 rentals moving in on a random Monday afternoon in mid November. There was no water (stream, river, lake), no trails, no attractions of any kind except nature, a picnic bench, 2 adirondack chairs and a fire pit/grill combo. And people are paying $300+ per night on a Monday – place is packed for this privilege.