Road To Ownership Program

Helping underbanked consumers realize their dream of owning a home through seller financed opportunities.
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Can’t Qualify For Financing? NestQuest’s Road To Ownership Program Offers Responsible Households A Second Chance.

You choose your own home and NestQuest will purchase it for you. Then NestQuest will lease it back to you until such time that you are able to purchase it.

How It Works

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NestQuest Will Purchase The Home and Rent It Back To You

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About The Road To Ownership Program

NestQuest’s goal is to make home ownership a realization for anyone. We work with buyers and sellers alike, reducing the exorbitant fees associated with real estate transactions, to create a seamless process for all, saving clients thousands.

Now, we want to assist our underbanked clients, who may not yet have the financial means to purchase a home, work toward ownership, while paying rent. Introducing NestQuest’s Road To Ownership Program (RTO).

NestQuest’s RTO program will let you pick a home of your choosing, in a good school district, between $100,000 and $400,000, and NestQuest will purchase the home. NestQuest will then lease it back to you for up to 5 one year terms, with the option to purchase it from us at any time, at a predetermined price.

NestQuest’s RTO program is a revolutionary way to enable you to become a homeowner even if you are currently unable to purchase a home due to financial, medical or other circumstances.

NestQuest’s RTO program is different from your typical rent to own plan in that, we let you find your home. WE DO NOT buy bulk foreclosed dilapidated homes from government programs, and stick you in a sketchy neighborhood, with a home that is racked with fines and days from being condemned. NestQuest’s RTO program is all about transparency and getting you into a beautiful affordable home in a good neighborhood with schools to match.

What Are The Total Costs?

  • Example NestQuest Purchase

    • Purchase Price: $220,000
    • Closing Costs*: $4,000
    • Move-In Ready Improvements: $10,000
    • Total Cost: $234,000

    *Transfer taxes, attorneys’ fees, title insurance, other acquisition costs included.

  • Monthly Rent

    • First Year: $1,500
    • Second Year: $1,560
    • Third Year: $1,620
    • Fourth Year: $1,680
    • Fifth Year: $1,750

    *Rent increase of 3.5% each year is applied

  • Your Purchase Price At Any Time During Lease Term

    • First Year: $246,000
    • Second Year: $258,000
    • Third Year: $271,000
    • Fourth Year: $285,000
    • Fifth Year: $299,000

    *Cost of purchase increases 5% each year. Does not include closing costs.

NestQuest Road To Ownership Program is currently accepting applicants in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida. Apply below or Contact NestQuest With Any Questions. Thank You!

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NestQuest’s Road To Ownership Program is subject to approval for consumer purposes only. Right to Purchase after entering into a rental agreement, is subject to resident securing their own financing such as a mortgage loan from a third party lender. NestQuest Direct, NestQuest, NestQuest Direct LLC and NestQuest Direct NJ LLC is not a mortgage company, and does not participate in providing or assisting to secure a mortgage loan, and does not guarantee that a resident will secure a mortgage loan. Equal Housing Opportunity