Residential Landlords

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Hassle Free Rent Guarantee

Introducing NestQuest’s Guaranteed Revenue Program for residential landlords. Whether you own a single family home, multi-family property or a portfolio of residential rentals, NestQuest combines its proprietary data technology with your needs to generate an evaluation and make an offer to lease your property short or long term. We guarantee rent payments each month as the master lessee and handle all the maintenance, marketing, renovations*, rent collection, tenant disputes, requests and day-to-day management. Collect your guaranteed rent each month hassle free and leave all the worry to us.

How Does It Work?

NestQuest’s business model enables us to work with landlords to remove all the typical issues of owning rental property while guaranteeing you are paid each month. Our vertically integrated organization includes a dedicated property manager (PROprietor) who manages all aspects of the property including rent collection, and tenant disputes at no cost to you.

Our licensed and insured construction division handles all general repairs and maintenance at no cost to you*.
And NestQuest’s brokerage division deploys its tenant data match technology combined with our local dedicated agents providing the excellent quality tenants that landlords look for.

How We Get Paid

Because NestQuest features these services under one roof, we are able to focus on increasing revenue and decreasing expenses therefore increasing net operating income. This increase is where we make our money while you collect the guaranteed rent you need each month. This enables you to maintain cash flow while removing the headaches associated with being a landlord, enjoy the tax benefits as owner and the inflation in value over time.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply email [email protected] or text 866-535-0894 with the property address and your net operating revenue. We will use our proprietary technology to calculate the rest and make you an offer based on those calculations. You determine if our offer meets your needs with no obligation. Once agreed, we draw up a simple master lease detailing the arrangement between you the landlord and us as the master lessee.

*NestQuest handles general maintenance and light renovations such as paint and carpet for tenant turnover up to a predetermined yearly amount. Any capitol improvements such as furnace or roof repairs would be the responsibility of the landlord.