"NestQuest lined up multiple units for me to see in just one day, enabling me to find exactly what I wanted. Their fee is low and with the time they saved me, totally worth it."
-James and Jen

Real Estate agents are an important part of the rental process. Rentals in urban ares are some of the most in-demand on earth. Most times, as soon as they are listed, they are rented. And unfortunately, bait-and-switch is an every day occurrence. This is why you need an Agent who can sort through the noise, navigate the areas you want to live in, and find the price range you can afford.

Simply email us with the questions below and our team will get to work, expediting the search process for you while reducing the broker fee you would normally pay using NestQuest’s renowned flat rate business model. Or give us a call or live chat us below!

Please email [email protected], Subject: Rental Match, with the following questions

  1. Tell us why you are moving. For example: closer to work, school, family
  2. What would you like to spend?
  3. What types of things do you like to have close by?
  4. How long do you wish your commute could be?
  5. Home style. (Apartment/condo, townhouse, single family home, high rise w/doorman)
  6. Commute. (Walk, Subway/PATH/train, bus, drive)
  7. Are great public schools important to you?
  8. What do you enjoy? (Arts, gym, night out, kid friendly activities, sports)
  9. What do you like to eat? (American, BBQ, brewery, brunch spots, Chinese, coffee shops, Indian food, Italian, Mexican, pizza, sushi, vegetarian)
  10. How much space do you need? (city living, suburb living, country living)