NestQuest Partners With Brokers

Technology And Production In Exchange For Referral Fee

One of the biggest expenses in owning and operating a brokerage is the technology needed to support agents and digital presence for customers; as well as marketing costs for listings.

NestQuest is a licensed real estate brokerage in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida. Our founding team hails from the technology, publishing and real estate industries. As a licensed technology real estate brokerage, NestQuest can provide technology and production for marketing at no upfront cost or monthly fees. Instead, we partner with brokers and take a 10% referral fee from any transaction. This saves brokers thousands in upfront costs, paying us only when you get paid.


These days, the search for a new home starts on the internet. Buyers live online, and NestQuest’s team of tech ninjas live there too. We utilize algorithms, GPS mapping, search technology and data-driven analytics to target buyers who are searching for homes. Additionally, NestQuest Direct builds content-driven, image-packed, dedicated websites that are built for easy sharing and search optimized.


We believe that selling real estate is about telling a story, presented through quality content, and using data to pinpoint the right people to tell that story to. NestQuest Direct employs a team of Creatives from the magazine and advertising industries, who utilize state-of-the-art cameras, drones, and software to craft engaging content through a superior mix of production, technology, and visuals.

  • Stills

  • Top quality professional photography that studies the best angles and lighting to show properties in the best way possible.
  • Video Tours

  • Full production video to walk viewers through a home, without ever stepping foot inside.
  • 3D Services

  • 3D renderings, 3D floorplans, 3D videos, and 3D virtuals all delivered in the highest quality at the most competitive pricing available.
  • Virtual Experience

  • Unique virtual tours in either 3D or using imagery, customized for your needs, and client delivered via text if desired.
  • Drones

  • Aerial imagery and video provides a unique and otherwise unseen perspective of homes and property for a memorable experience.
  • Feature Sheets & Floorplans

  • Part of the basics but critical, give buyers what they need with property facts that impact decision making, and floorplans with measurements so they can understand the space and plan any improvements without disrupting homeowner.
  • Websites

  • Clean and interactive websites that are fully responsive, MLS connected and fully customizable.
  • Digital Outreach

  • Build and run social media, blog, and online marketing, and content creation. Create and optimize your digital presence and get found where it counts.