NestQuest Capital LLC

Distressed Multi Family Real Estate Investments

NestQuest Capital LLC is a privately held real estate investment company founded to acquire and manage distressed multi-family real estate in urban areas surrounding densely populated cities in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Florida.

NestQuest Capital LLC is actively seeking multi family land acquisition opportunities with the following specifications. Site Parameters: Transit-oriented, urban infill or rural properties. Value added opportunities: Properties with upside potential through repositioning, change of use, rehabilitation or redevelopment. Environmental: clean or impacted. Please contact us today.

NestQuest Capital LLC is a division of NestQuest Group of Companies, a residential real estate brokerage, property management and construction firm in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida, that uses technology and experienced local agents to reach buyers and sellers online where they live.
We use our real estate knowledge and apply our exacting standards to form a team of ninjas that date back to 1971 when our founders Grandfather began building homes, expanding from New Jersey, to Florida and the Caribbean. 46 years later, the tradition of superior customer service and transparency is the cornerstone of NestQuest. Are you a real estate investor that needs help finding your next investment property? Visit NestQuest Investor services here.