Get Lost Lodge and You

1 tiny home books out at $169 per night per tiny home.  Our competition charges $199 and is an hour further.  They are booked 300 nights per year and are in the middle of nowhere.  We anticipate booking out 200 nights per year once we ramp up as we are on the Delaware River.

Our costs to maintain the tiny home are $60 per night.  So that’s a net profit of $109 per night per tiny home. Or $21,800 per year, per tiny home.

You will receive 50% of that until you recoup your investment. Each tiny home costs $29,000 including site work, electrical, plumbing and furnishing.  So you will be paid back in 32 months.

After you recoup your investment, you will earn 20% of the net proceeds of every night rented for every tiny home you finance forever.  Or $4,360 per year for life per tiny home. Plus you stay for free whenever you want (off peak/when available). And this is assuming 200 nights per year rented when we think we can get it to 300 rented nights per year.