Other Guys BS

Hidden Fees and Charges The Other Guys Charge

You local popular corporate conglomerate waste company has fees and charges built in to satisfy their hedge fund owners that they do not specify when you sign up. Here is an example below. This small business has a 6 yard waste dumpster and added a 4 yard recyclable dumpster service. In 45 days for one 6 yard dumpster and 1 prorated 4 yard recyclable dumpster with pick up just 1x per week, they charged this small business $1,479.82 for 2 months worth of service (seen below)! When their website clearly shows the price would be $495.48 per month (also seen below) or $990.86 for same billing period. They state that the charge comes with a energy surcharge already. However, then add an almost $90 in additional energy surcharges. And then bill this small business for two months on one invoice when it states monthly billing. PLUS an administrative fee. Don’t get caught paying the big guys $488 more than advertised for dumpster services because of their bloated surcharges and fees. Deal with a local company who cares about your business and tells you what the price inclusive of all will be upfront! No surprises.