Affordable Housing

Purchase | Design | Build | Rent | Management

NestQuest Direct LLC has built a vertically integrated real estate company positioned to develop and manage multi-unit affordable housing.

NestQuest’s group of companies are comprised of NestQuest Direct, a residential brokerage licensed in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida, with local sales agents recruited based on their knowledge and track record. Agents are backed by NestQuest Creative, a state-of-the-art real estate marketing studio. For landlords, NestQuest Property Management data matches the best tenants, and provides a dedicated property management expert to handle all aspects of rental properties. And finally, NestQuest Home Improvement, handling all construction, service, and remodeling needs for clients and tenants, in-house.

Together these divisions enable NestQuest to purchase, remodel, market, rent and manage units in-house, cutting costs by working with our teams.

How We Work

NestQuest’s vertically integrated approach enables us to manage the entire process from start to finish increasing profit margins and decreasing delays, evictions and problems.

  • Deal Source

  • NestQuest’s experienced sales agents source relevant properties and negotiate with owners to secure the best deals.

  • Build/Rehab

  • Specializing in both rehabilitations and new construction, our experienced team is dedicated to producing the highest quality projects at the most competitive prices and speed.

  • Tenant Selection

  • Whether a down market or up market, there is always demand for affordable housing. Therefore, marketing does not matter as much. Tenant selection is paramount, so we work with area churches to recommend their best parishioners with secure jobs. And social service agencies to recommend their most reliable program participants. And more.

  • Management

  • With great tenant selection, getting the right management in place to follow-up makes all the difference. We maintain terrific maintenance and stringent rules about apartment upkeep and inspections, with swift eviction if rules are not followed.

Social + Community + Design

NestQuest strongly believes that the continued growth and revitalization of communities hinges on the ability of working-class families and fixed income seniors to have the opportunity and ability to live in and be a vital part of that communities vibrant life. NestQuest’s affordable housing goal is to breathe life into neighborhoods and reverse any negative trends creating a place where people are proud to call home.

NestQuest is currently looking for opportunities in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Please contact us at 866-535-0894.