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Current tenants whose lease expires this year can earn cash to show their apartment. Authrentic will pay you to let us market your apartment before your lease expires. Simply text 866-535-0894 with your name, address and lease expiration date and we will reply with how much cash you will get paid!


Snap A Few Pics

Using a smartphone or camera, with the help of our pro photog tips, snap a photo of your living, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and any outdoor space.

Upload Pictures

Upload pictures to Authrentic and we will take care of listing and marketing.

Show Apartment

We vet potential renters and schedule showings around your schedule.

Get Paid

We take care of everything for you and work with your landord for a smooth transition. Collect your cash the day you move out!

It’s that simple! So text 866-535-0894 or email [email protected] today with your name, address, and lease expiration date to get started.


AuthRENTic by NestQuest is authentic rentals with real pictures. We guarantee what you see is what you get because we work directly with the current tenants to market their apartment before their lease expires.


Reduce rent roll loss, advertising expenses and time finding qualified tenants. NestQuest is a licensed real estate brokerage working with qualified tenants for years in the New York market. We work with AAA renters to complete your application and paperwork procedures minimizing rent roll loss sourcing new renters while the current tenant resides in the home. Once we source a qualified renter, we will reach out to management to find out what the apartment turnaround time is to detirmine the lease start date; and how much, if any, the increase in rent will be for the new tenant.

Call 866-535-0894 | [email protected]

Rents are listed at the amount the current tenant is paying. Landlord may choose to implement a small increase for new tenants. This will be determined before the lease signing.